For over four years, I had a true crime and paranormal podcast with a friend (then two friends later on). My friend and I started the show when we were freshmen in college and ended it before I graduated with my Bachelor's. Throughout the four years, I was able to spend at least 20 hours a week researching for, writing for, and editing the podcast. I was also able to talk with and interview victims, victims' families, writers, and even the lead detective of a case for episodes. We were also able to travel around Missouri and do a few ghost hunts (you'll find some of our findings in the "Ghost Audio" tab. Even though it has no bearing on my career, my resume does say "ghost hunter," so I had to follow up on that).
I used Adobe Audition to edit all my audio. I never had any formal class or instruction outside of YouTube. I also used Adobe Premiere to edit videos we made, but those will not be found here. If the old adage, "employers will judge you by your least impressive work," is true, then we'll just say I am familiar with Premiere but not comfortable by any means.
This website is built specifically to house all our episodes. I created the site through the hosting platform (Podbean).