The door opens in front of you. You feel as though you’re supposed to be here, but you aren’t quite sure what it is you’re looking for. The bartender calls out to you as you approach him.
“Hey, friend! How are you?”
Your eyes scroll through the contents of the bar: assorted spirits line the shelves and bar. You nod to the bartender, and he speaks again.
“Can I get you anything?”
He hardly waits for you to respond before he offers you a drink on the house.
“Try this, it’s our favorite: a specially made Arnold Palmer in a Mason jar. We call it: the ‘Mason Arnold.’”
You take a sip, and you’re impressed. The bartender watches your eyes light up with excitement because of your new favorite drink.
“This drink here can talk. It may talk to you about graphic design or writing or ghosts, depending on what you’re here to find.”
You nod again and look around the drink. You’re hoping it will say something to you like the bartender said it would. You’ll be impressed again in no time, and you feel it coming.
My name is Mason Arnold, as the drink implies. I’m glad to see you’ve stopped by. Whether you’re just investigating the site for a class or I applied to your internship/job, hopefully you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. Here, I have some of my podcast work, writing, and design projects. These assorted hobbies/jobs have allowed me to gain some valuable skills in computer programs and social settings. I’ve taught graphic design classes, I’ve worked with clients to design their book covers, and I’ve interviewed lead detectives in cold cases. I’m hopeful my work as a “skeleton key” of sorts intrigues you enough to have a look around and see what you can find. Thank you for visiting.
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