Hi. I'm Mason, and I am a surrealist

You'll find my work below

I first discovered the work of René Magritte through my high school's trivia bowl. Then, he was just a last name I could attach to a painting's name. Now, he's a transcendent figure in my life as an artist. To say he's my favorite would be an understatement. The Treachery of Images has completely shifted not only how I look at art but also how I look at life. It has helped me consider what art is and is not, what it can and cannot be, what it could and could not be, and so on. 
Of course, Magritte provided so much more to the world than just The Treachery of Images. In a similar fashion, I consider myself to be more than just an artist. I am a writer, who has poetry featured in literary journals. I am a podcaster, who proudly produced a true crime/paranormal podcast for four years. I am a student, who is currently working toward a master's in English after completing a bachelor's in writing in December 2021. I am a ghost hunter, who seeks answers to questions most dismiss without a second thought. Most importantly to me, I am a person, who is constantly under construction and consistently working towards both self and career goals.
Welcome to my portfolio: a place where I showcase what I can do from multiple angles. Here, you'll see much of what is mentioned above. You'll be able to experience my take on surrealist ideology. You'll see my attempt to tell the stories of people no longer able to tell it themselves. You'll hear ghosts (maybe) talk. You'll see the professional-level work I've done and continue to do. You'll be able to experience me and what I do.
ce n'est pas un portefeuille