In this piece of micro-fiction, the narrator finds herself falling in love with someone she sees on the street.
The sight of the golden locks went straight through her eyes to the “adoration” part of her brain. She couldn’t help but stare through tinted shades as the subject of her vision approached her. She lost herself in the thoughts of what she might be like. Her hair moved freely enough to make a monochromatic avalanche jealous. Her eyes sparkled like the light reflecting on the first snowfall of the year. Her nameless feeling climbed down from her head to her heart. She blinked as she walked past her. Her daisy-flavored scent flooded her lungs, and she never wanted to exhale. She felt her lungs fill with air and her heart fill with warmth as her lips curled into a small smile. The daises wilted into carbon dioxide, and she opened her eyes. She couldn't see her anymore, so she turned around; there she was, walking away. She found her formerly agape eyes turned to a look of longing. Her brain willed her legs to turn around and catch her but to no avail – something was holding her back. She rounded the street corner and vanished from sight, but not from mind. Infuriated by losing her she racked her brain as to what could have stopped her from chasing true love. Her eyes wandered ferociously. Then, she found it. She looked at her right hand to see another hand interlocked in hers. This hand was that of a man – him. She regained her former focus when she looked at her left hand to see a diamond ring sparkling like the light reflecting on the first snowfall of the new winter.
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